Tuesday, 22 February 2011


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE MOON IS MADE OF CHEESE!  Gasp, shock, horror and all that.
The President is spending millions of taxpayer money to send an astronaut to the Moon.  When he arrives, he gets himself some cheese from the moon surface.  But he can't eat it with a space helmet on.
He quickly learns his last life lesson when he removes the helmet, expanding and then exploding his head.

Created by Academy Award watcher Jarrod Fairclough...

QUESTION FOR JACK:  Where do babies come from?

A Cheesy Film

This year I shall be making a a film entitled "Say Cheese", in which a rat's head will explode.  How?  No air expanding his head.  It's a complicated thing, a lot of theory.  You'll see it as we go.

QUESTION FOR JACK: Why are you stalking me?  I saw you looking through my loungeroom window last night.