Thursday, 29 September 2011

One More Thing

Okay, doesn't look they they've worked.  Because Blogger hates me.

Oh, by the way, Mum was watching Beauty and the Geek the other day, and a geek had the Blogger logo on his t-shirt...  LAME!  Now, where did I put that Big Bird shirt...

This post is to apologize for my lack of posting and contact for the last week.  I was crook as a dog, which Kirrily can attest to, because she saw me Friday and I was SICK!

So I'm sorry, I'll do my best to keep up the contact and blogginess!

And sorry to Josie if you were offended by my "E-mail Jack" thing.  I love you...  Reow.


Once Again, Jarrod Fairclough Tries To Present...


Hopefully this is going to work.  If it doesn't I will stab someone.  I'm looking at you, Nils.

Right, some error came up, so I have no idea if these have worked.  For the 4th time I will try to publish this post.  And hey, let's see what happens, shall we?

Otherwise I'll e-mail Jack...

That was a dig at Josie, I just read her blog and most of it was "E-mail Jack".  I giggled, but that's because I'm a bad person!

Right Now...

Hello kids.

At the moment, I'm doing better than I thought I was going to do.  There's some light at the end of the tunnel, and I feel like I might actually get this thing done!  I'm preparing for some sleepless nights. I'll stock up on Red Bull and No Doze.

I've done the pencil tests for the hardest parts of the animation, and we've all agreed they look pretty good.  I learnt not to put too much detail into it, as I really only need the basic shapes to get the thing looking good in a test.  PENCIL is the greatest program in the world.  If you don't have it, get it!

I've got the rights to use "Mr Moon", and I'm in the process of possibly getting an instrumental version of it for use over the title cards at the start.  As for ambient music over the actual animation, I'm yet to find something I really like.  I'm considering not having actual music, more ambient tones and some sound effects instead.

When we come back for term 4, I'm going to book the recording booth to record a few dialogue lines. Such as "Moon Made of Cheese" etc, and a countdown to put over the start when the rocket is about to launch.

Still playing around with Particle Illusion, I need Daz-Dawg to show me some stuff in it.

Over the holidays I'll properly start actual animation in Toon Boom...

This is happening, people.  Get ready!  And good luck you 6.



P.S - I'm about to retry putting some videos of my pencil tests up.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

30's Style Nandos

I've decided to do a title card at the start of the animation.  The first one makes it seem like Herbert is a classic character thats evolved his look since the 1930's.  When in fact he didn't exist until February this year.

I love the fact he's grayscale, and all rubber hose like.  He looks like a real 1930's character.

This is the title card, in the same vain as the old Looney Tunes cartoons.  The rocket will fly in.

I need to find some happy orchestra music to play over these two pictures.

I'm looking forward to getting this done!

Question for Jack:  Is it Perry or Parry or Pearry or Paerry or Frank?
Hello friends, collegues, FOX Executives, Universal Studios and Barry.

I've done loads of animation tests in the program 'Pencil', which is one of the best programs I've used in a long time.  It's simple to use, and it works well.  I'll have to put on the videos later on, they don't want to work here.  That's annoying.


I have a song to use!  The song is called "Mr Moon" by Kate Micucci.  Here's a link:

Listen to that.  And then watch this:

That's Kate singing the part of song that I'm going to use, on the TV show SCRUBS.  It's her song, so I don't have to talk to ABC or anyone like that to use it.  And she's been very generous and is letting me use it for free!

I'll get the animation tests on here soon, definitely before Friday, because I'm off to Sydney for a couple of days then, meaning I'll miss a day of production.

Dance your cares away, down at Fraggle Rock!

Question for Jack:  You're a bus driver.  You have 4 passengers.  At the first stop, 2 get off and 6 get on.  At the next stop, 3 get off and 2 get on.  At the third stop, 1 person gets off and 3 get on.  What is the bus drivers name?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round, Like A Newspaper, Right Round Round Round...

This is just a quick shot of what my newspaper spin in will look like.  The pink will be taken out, and a shot of Herbert and President Janney will be there.  There's a lot of little references in the paper.  For example, there's jokes about fellow classmates Sean Mundy and Bounnong Sayamongsa being lovers, Rebecca Black's song "Friday, and my favourite gag of the entire animation (which you'll barely see) "Garfield 3: I Hate Mundys" - starring Sean Mundy.  FYI, the papers date is the day man landed on the moon.  The newspapers edition number is a reference to episode 4192 of Sesame Street, because that was the episode they were filming the day I visited the set.  The reporters name is J. Schreuder, named after my mate Josh, who came up with the name for "The Anim-Nation Sun", and the photographers name is E. Richardson, named after my best friend Emma.  I liked putting these little jokes and references in.  I'll try do more next year.  Oh, and also the President's name is "President Janney" named after actress Alyson Janney, which is a longrunning joke between my brother and I...  Phew, that's a lot of references...  Anyway...

QUESTION FOR JACK:  Can I borrow 20 bucks?  And by borrow, I mean have?  And by 20, I mean 50?

"I'm Alyson Janney, and I approve of this reference"