Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wham Bam


My stuff is currently transferring to Jack's hard drive (20GB worth, mind you) and then I just have to export it as a MPEG2, which will take a few minutes, and burn a couple of copies, and then that's it!

10 months work all done and dusted.

You kids enjoy.


Monday, 7 November 2011


Im getting rid of the flag plant sequence. I hate it. To compensate I might do a nice shot of Herbert in the rocket crying after he lands, with the Earth reflected. Maybe even fade in the flag over the top. But no flag plant. Nope. Nope.

So close, and yet so far... Actually, not too far. Pretty close, really. Don't know why I brought it up...

So this thing is due in a matter of days.  In 92 hours.  That's less than 100.  Damn, I should have stayed in accounting.

I've finished every single shot of the thing, except the dreaded Flag Plant shot, which is still in the early stages.  Otherwise everything's finished the animating stage.  I have to record a couple of noises.  I have to re-do the newspaper spin in, but Daz-Dawg knows how to do that so I'll get his help tomorrow.  Then I need to put in the helmet, which could be a pain.

The sounds all finished bar the ones I wrote before.

Then it's just a matter of editing it, which won't take crazy long.

And then, as of Monday, I'll sleep for 3 months.  I hibernate like a bear.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A week left...

Watch this:  (Please note:  You don't have to watch this. It's just an irrelevant clip of the COMMUNITY characters singing a song about how happy they are)

That's how I'll feel when this assignment is all over!  Next Friday, in one week, this assignment is due and I shall, as the cast of Community said, finally be fine.

I've done my credits, they're wham-bam-thankyou-maam finished.  They're visible down the page.

I've done most of the after effects shots, with the help of Darren.  He's been great!  Not that all the teachers havn't been.

I'm having real trouble with the walking then flag plant shot.  I've tried it 3 times, and all 3 times I hate it.  Not "that'll do" hate it, "if that goes in I'm gonna hate it forever" hate it.  So I'm gonna talk to Jack and think of a different shot for the flag plant.

Otherwise I've just gotta do the head expand shot, the explosion and the knee-drop.  Then it's all animated!

Enjoy my credits.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Production Journal Review 2

At the moment, with 2 and a half weeks left to finish Moon Cheese, I'm feeling confident.  I've finished a fair few shots, with only a few more to go.

I made a few decisions in the last couple of weeks regarding difficult things to animate.  I decided to scrap the 3 dots on Herberts nose, as I felt they wouldn't look right frame to frame.  Like they would change position and size.  So I got rid of it, and it's been much easier.  I also decided to go the "Mickey Mouse" route, and keep both Herbert's ears visible even when turned sideways.  It looks pretty good.  I'll have some screen caps up here shortly.

Everyone in the class have been really positive and helpful with any ideas and tips.  Sean is a lovely man for getting me Toon Boom, and Josie has been good to talk to about the program because she's using it as well.  Bruno's just positive towards everything, so that boosts my confidence.  Nils is barely here, but he's good, Tai gives his nod of approval, which makes the world a better place, and Alex always has a look when it's all done.

Teachers are helpful too.  Kirrily always has good advice and is up for a chat about it all.  Darren's the Toon Boom expert and is helping me with Particle Illusion.  Jack is just tops, and always wats to help and wants to know what's going on.  I've missed a few of his classes, but I'll be there tomorrow!

I'm confident I'll get this done, and I've got family and friends on my ass to help me get it done.  If I can't focus at home, my best friend has offered her house, so that she can sit there and yell at me every time I try to stop and procrastinate!  Now that's friendship!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Production Report - Week 11

Hey hey kids.

I enjoy accounting.  It's ever so much fun to play with abacus'.

Well Toon Boom works, and I've already done the White House scene.  A frame of it is up on the blog.
I've done the animation and coloring for the crying shot, but I'm yet to put the background behind it.
I'm currently doing the sound, and I have to in the next few days, hopefully by the end of the week, book myself into the recording booth and do a few recordings, mainly "MOON MADE  OF CHEESE" etc.

I'm thinking of changing it a little.  There's a great distant space explosion sound which would work well.  So I'm thinking of a shot after his head expands, with the moon reasonably far away, and a small explosion seen, then cutting back to Herbert falling on his knees then front with no head.  But I don't know.  I probably should.

I'm doing the rough animation for the walking then planting the flag scene.  I should just put in my pencil test and go by that, but I tried to do it by memory and it looked SHIT!  The rest of the animation is fairly simple, small movements etc.  So I'm getting the hard stuff done first!  After this sequence comes the head expand.  I've got some Simpsons episodes to watch which have their heads expand, so I can look at them.

Speaking of Simpsons, I had a bit of a bitch fit at the end of semester 1 when Huni said my design was too much like Itchy.  Playing around in Toon Boom, I colored him blue for a sec, and sure enough, it looked like Itchy.  To which I smiled and said "God dammit, Huni"

Wish me luuuuuuuck!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

3 Seconds - Done and Done

It's important to celebrate the little things.  So I am celebrating the completion of 3 seconds worth of the animation finished.  Here's a frame of it:

It's weird to be happy over 3 seconds.  And it may not look like much.  But let me tell you from experience.  Just because something only lasts 3 seconds, doesn't mean it isn't spectacular!