Monday, 7 November 2011

So close, and yet so far... Actually, not too far. Pretty close, really. Don't know why I brought it up...

So this thing is due in a matter of days.  In 92 hours.  That's less than 100.  Damn, I should have stayed in accounting.

I've finished every single shot of the thing, except the dreaded Flag Plant shot, which is still in the early stages.  Otherwise everything's finished the animating stage.  I have to record a couple of noises.  I have to re-do the newspaper spin in, but Daz-Dawg knows how to do that so I'll get his help tomorrow.  Then I need to put in the helmet, which could be a pain.

The sounds all finished bar the ones I wrote before.

Then it's just a matter of editing it, which won't take crazy long.

And then, as of Monday, I'll sleep for 3 months.  I hibernate like a bear.

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